The DS15 Desktop System for the OIS 46 System

posted October 17, 2012

This week we’d like to highlight the DS15 Desktop System for the OIS 46 system, a computer that we are excited for and are sure you will be too. The OIS 46 was originally released in October of 2004 and is based on the DS15 1GHz Alpha Server processor. It supports both the Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 operating systems, so users will be able to easily navigate their way around it. Some of the features of the OIS 46 system include event messages for control actions to identify the operator and CRT window. It also offers shared printer support for operator actions in many console systems. initially launched in 1980 as Network 90, the system has been through several changes in order to become what it is today, these include: INFI90, INFI 90 Open, and Symphony Harmony.

For over 30 years, ABB has continued to update, change and evolve the Symphony family. This has been done in order to guarantee that each new generation improves upon its forerunners and is backwardly compatible with them – this is because ABB always seeks to uphold our constant policy of “Evolution without obsolescence.”

Of course when you purchase the DS15 Desktop system for the OIS 46 system, you are purchasing an authentic certified Pre-Owned Part (PoP) with an individual specialized stamp from the repair center it was modified and fixed at in order for you to be assured that it was indeed repaired by a certified ABB technician. ABB continues to provide the best support, security, availability and warranty on the market today, a warranty which states that we stand behind and protect our products for 12 months from the date that it was shipped. And now for any orders over $500

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