Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is a Pre-Owned Part (PoP) part?

A) Pre-Owned Parts (PoP) is a new parts offering designed to compete with the surplus 3rd party market.  These are parts ABB has secured, performed basic tests on, and are offering at a lower price.    It's designed to be better than the typical surplus competitor.

Q) Where do they come from?

A) PoP parts generally come from upgrades and inventory buybacks from our end users, often where ABB has been doing the service.  These are known good items, tested, and stored to ABB standards.  These are better than the questionable 3rd party material sources.

Q) Are they in stock?

A) Yes, they are in stock and available for immediate shipment, but availability is subject to material planning / availability. 

If you are looking  for a Pre-Owned Part that is not currently in stock, please call, as we may have one on-hand in our surplus inventory.
For Process Automation Parts 1-440-585-7688
For Robotics Parts  1-855-541-8012

Q) Who can order them?

A) Only ABB system end users and authorized procurement companies who are purchasing on behalf of an ABB end user.  No third party channels or resellers.  ABB Pre-Owned Parts are competitively priced, so we do not allow discounts or mark-ups.

Q) How do I order them?

A) The same way you order any part.  Online at ABB Industrial Parts Outlet is our primary channel, but PoP can also be obtained through standard ABB Parts & Repair channels: 
For Process Automation Parts order by phone @ 1-440-585-7688, Contact Us, or online at ABB OnlineKeep in mind, the same part numbers are used, only with a “ P” prefix.
For Robotics Parts order by phone @ 1-855-541-8012.
Q) Are these serialized*?

  A)  Yes, all PoP parts are serialized and there are special stamps the repair center is using on all parts that have been identified as PoP parts.

      *Note that Robotics parts are not serialized at this time.

Q) What is the warranty?

A) The Process Automation warranty is 24 months from date of shipment.  The first warranty replacement is another PoP part.  The second warranty replacement is a Refurbished or New part. (This is a plus one over 3rd party competitors)
B) The Robotics  warranty  is 12 months from date of shipment.  The first warranty replacement is another PoP part.  The second warranty replacement is a Refurbished or New part. (This is a plus one over 3rd  party competitors) 

Q) Are they upgraded?

A) No.  In general PoP parts are not brought up to the latest revisions.  But, any ECN’ s that relate to known performance issues or safety are. (This is a plus one over 3rd parties).  Most controllers will be stocked with the latest firmware revisions, but a downgrade can be requested when ordered.

Q) What is the price?

A) The target pricing is to be competitive with the 3rd party surplus market. The pricing is subject to change, and the percentage as compared to new varies by product. 

Q) How is a PoP part different than a refurbished part?

A) Refurbished are generally brought in on exchange as a failed part.  It’ s then completely refurbished and repaired, and most importantly goes through a rigorous full functional testing process.  All engineering changes and design updates are applied, along with replaced components, updated RAM, etc.  PoP parts are tested at a basic level, and only safety or critical performance issues are addressed.

Q) What is

A) is a secondary sales channel for Pre-Owned Parts  to make it easy to find and purchase pre-owned parts online.

Q) Who owns Pre-Owned Parts as a product?

A) Pre-Owned Parts is a fully-supported ABB product from ABB Parts & Repair Services, ABB’ s US Life Cycle Services aftermarket logistics organization.

Q) How are they tested?

A) Basic green light testing, not the full functional testing as for repair and refurbished parts.  Our basic level testing is superior to our competitors’ capability.

Q) Can there be discounts?

A) Because Pre-Owned Parts are competitively priced, we typically do not discount orders.  However, because we acquire parts in bulk, we may often offer special, discounted pricing for parts  where we have a surplus on-hand. Industrial Parts Outlet does offer monthly promotions that may include shipping or other various incentives. Find those incentives for industrial automation products in our news and specials section.

Q) Is there a core credit?

A) When purchasing a PoP part, there are no RMA’ s and no PoP exchange process.

Q) Are there risks with buying PoP parts?

A) While ABB is the best alternative in the surplus market, the surplus market has inherent risks associated with it.  It has to be understood that for the lower price there is an increased risk.  Customers who accept the risk of surplus are still in a better situation buy purchasing from ABB.  Also, some insurance companies take a dim view of customers using non-approved suppliers for critical component parts.

Q) Why are ABB PoP parts better than the other 3rd party surplus (junk) dealers.

A) Several reasons. 

More Secure: ABB has more secure sourcing channels than the 3rd party market who buys from anyone and everyone.  ABB does a better job of cleaning and testing parts, removing the risk of customers getting parts with performance issues or problems. 

Better Availability: ABB offers customers a single source of supply.  All parts can be bought from one source, lowering the costs associated with searching for parts on the internet, creating multiple purchase orders for parts of questionable quality.  Our stocking level on common surplus items is better.  We have technical support available.

Better Support:  No one knows these products better than the OEM.  We still provide technical support, parts knowledge, with a global reach.

Better Warranty: You will get a working part, not just end up with your money back.
Q) Does Industrial Parts Outlet buy used industrial automation products?
A) Yes, through our automation components buyback program. Industrial Parts Outlet not only sells the highest quality automation components in the surplus industry, we also purchase them! More times than not, we find our customers also have inventory taking up space in their facility that is no longer needed to support their systems. This in turn costs space and money. If you have excess or unknown inventory, contact us and we'll make an offer!