Pre-Owned Linear Stepper, PWA, LSP

posted September 30, 2012
Today we’re going to tell you a little bit about our Pre-owned Linear Stepper from Accuray. This linear stepper motor is flat, not round; this enables its motion to be along a straight line instead of in a rotary direction. This motor consists of two main parts, the platen and the forcer. The platen is the part of the motor that is fixed; its length decides the distance the motor will move. It has a has various teeth on it that are similar to a rotor in a conventional stepper motor, however it is passive rather than a permanent magnet.
The forcer is made up of four poles which each have three teeth. Each tooth’s pitch is staggered in respect to the teeth of the platen. It employs mechanical roller bearings or air bearings in order to ride above the platen on the air gap so that the two never actually come into contact with each other or physically touch. The magnetic field of the forcer itself is altered via passing through its coils. This results in the next set of teeth aligning with the teeth on the platen, which causes to forcer to rotate from tooth to tooth over the platen in a linear motion.
When this motion is turned around, the forcer will in turn reverse its direction. Four full steps make up a complete switching cycle. This moves the forcer the total distance of one pitch over the platen. A linear motor’s characteristic load is low mass which requires high-speed movements.

Remember that when you purchase a Linear Stepper from Industrial Parts Outlet, you are purchasing a genuine, certified Pre-Owned Part (PoP) with its own unique specialized stamp from the repair center it came from telling you that it was repaired by certified ABB technicians. ABB offers the best support, best security, best availability, and the best warranty in the market today. A warranty that is good for 12 months from the date that it is shipped.



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