History of Bailey Controls Company

posted February 21, 2012

The Bailey Meter Company was founded by Ervin George (E.G.) Bailey in 1916 with his invention of the Bailey Boiler Meter. Bailey’s boiler experience harkened back to his days in college in the early 1900s as a test fireman at Ohio State’s boiler plant. Through testing and continued experimentation Bailey developed the Bailey Furnace Indicator and the Bailey Fluid Meter.

At the end of 1915 Bailey’s previous efforts had earned him the right to claim that 100 Bailey Boiler Meters were in service, with more orders on the way. Thus the Bailey Meter Company was formed to ensure the standardization of the products.

From this point forward the Bailey Meter Company would take on many different forms over the years, playing a significant role in World War II due to their meters and controls being implemented in plants that manufactured weapons and munitions, as well as playing an important role in many other aspects of our everyday lives.

In 1978 Bailey Meter changed its name to what we know now as the Bailey Controls Company and was eventually acquired by ABB in 1999 and was merged into ABB's pre-existing automations operations.

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