ABB Joins the Industrial Internet Consortium

posted December 16, 2014

We are proud to announce that ABB has joined the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), a group of over 100 organizations, universities and companies whose mission is to provide best practices and standards to accelerate the growth of the Industrial Internet. This enables the scenarios of the distant future to be catalyzed by the efforts produced by the meeting of the best minds and innovators. In other words, developments in safe self-driving cars and other innovations can be realized through the convergence of machines and intelligent data.

Our parent company, ABB, has always been at the forefront of innovation with research and development that yields ground-breaking industrial automation parts, machines and technology. This helps manufacturers and companies generate and organize actionable data to be utilized in order to optimize operations and countless other processes.

“This gives us more opportunities to influence what is happening in the development of the Industrial Internet,” stated Claes Rytoft, ABB Chief Technology Officer. ABB will be able to combine their expertise with technology companies to establish global standards for the Industrial Internet. In essence, this collaboration will promote improved efficiency, reduced costs and higher revenue for all end users.

ABB has already contributed to the creation of Industry 4.0, Germany’s initiative for increased computerization of manufacturing. This initiative will allow engineers to leverage important data to enable them to make informed decisions to streamline and optimize their processes.

For decades, ABB has centrally monitored thousands of industrial robots to collect important data to improve their electricity grids. Also, ABB has countless software developers committed to improve operations and faster response times. Overall, we couldn’t be more thrilled by ABB’s commitment to the IIC and goal to accelerate innovation.

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