ABB Robot Parts – Not Just for High-Volume Applications

posted February 28, 2015

By now, you know that an automated system can help you decrease manufacturing costs and increase throughput and quality. You’re able to be competitive in today’s marketplace by using ABB robot parts for those tedious and repetitive jobs; and as a result, your skilled workers can be used for more complex jobs. However, many manufacturers think robotic automation is only for high-volume applications, and that’s simply not true. ABB robotics can be used in low volume environments, as well.

The benefits of robot automation for low-volume environments

ABB robot parts can help manufacturers save on staffing and training. Instead of training an array of workers on a task, you’re training a few workers on how to use the robot.

Also, perfect for those with a limited budget, robotics enable manufacturers to decrease production bottlenecks. Because it can get very pricey, manufacturers are using ABB robotics to save them on material costs. ABB robot parts speed up tasks and improves the manufacturing process. Because of this, robotic automation ensures low-volume manufacturers get quality results without wasting material.

Today, robots are more flexible than they’ve ever been, and they can quickly change between different products and processes. Robotic automation helps low-volume manufacturers to maximize their investment by using skilled workers in other areas of the plant. When correctly used, ABB robotics can evolve your processes by reducing production costs and even eliminating safety issues.

How to buy quality robot parts

Many factors go into deciding which robot part can best meet your needs, and it can get difficult. However, here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing quality robot parts:

  • What is your application?
  • How much weight can I expect the robot to lift?
  • What is the amount of space the robot can reach?

Small volume manufacturers are becoming more common than you think. They still need flexibility to accommodate part fluctuations, changeovers and fluctuations.

If you’re a low-volume manufacturer who currently has an automated system, then choosing from our catalogue of used ABB robots will help save you more money. We even have controller parts and manipulator parts. They are tested and come with a warranty. If you’re trying to save even more money, Industrial Parts Outlet sometimes has monthly promotions. So, keep stopping by!



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