ABB to Unveil Collaborative Robot in 2015

posted October 20, 2014

Recently, the world has seen an advancement in industrial robotics matching the predictions that were made in the past decade. Major strides were made in robotic research, adaptive industrial robots, industrial automation parts, robot parts and human-friendly robots in 2014. While we continue to hear about new announcements in the industrial robotics industry, ABB has announced a truly amazing robot design that is prospected to change assumptions about industrial processes.

A new industrial robot called “YuMi” is a “human-friendly dual arm robot” intended for use in manufacturing tasks where people and robots can collaborate together. YuMi is so advanced that its design enables it to feel and see with innovative force-sensing technology without a cage. This amazing new robot is reportedly capable of handling precise and delicate parts including wristwatch components, mobile phone parts, tablets and desktop PCs. In fact, YuMi is able to even thread a needle!

“YuMi is going to change many of mankind’s assumptions about manufacturing and industrial processes,” said Pekka Tiitinen, head of ABB’s Discrete Automation and Motion division, “Yumi will open endless possibilities. We are at the start of a very exciting new era for industrial automation.”

Information sourced from Automation World.



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