ABB Robots Take New Color

posted May 15, 2014
IRB 1600 M2004 PRE-OWNED
ABB is taking new strides into the future and their robots are going with them. In 1974 ABB painted their robotics products in a “distinctive orange color” as a way to let people know that the robots were pieces of potentially dangerous machinery. Now as people are working alongside robots in a more collaborative process, the need for the orange color has faded.
According to Per Vegard Nerseth, head of ABB Robotics, “Today we are launching a new look that is both more modern and better suits the era of collaboration. We call this new design language ‘dynamic design,’ and it is built around the concept that ABB provides efficient solutions for a dynamic world. Not only does the new look adopt unique forms and shapes, it also comes with a new color, graphite white.”

ABB's New IRB 6700 Robot

The IRB 6700 is one of the first ABB robots to sport the white color. Beginning this month (May 2014), all ABB robots will be painted in the white color, but the traditional orange coloring will remain an option for customers through the end of the year.
From May 2014, all standard ABB robots will ship in the new white colour, and every new robot will be based on the dynamic design philosophy. Traditional orange will remain a free option until the end of 2014, and customers will still be able to order ABB robots in any color they want.




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