ABB Robotics Update Adds More Human Intelligence to Industrial Robots

posted January 23, 2014
As reported by Design News, our parent company, ABB, has introduced new software features called Integrated Force Control. This update from the Robotics division makes robots more intelligent by allowing them process variations in a similar way to humans. It’s aimed chiefly for use at robots in an industrial assembly or packaging scenario.
“Some robotic applications require the robot to be able to sense the proper amount of force to exert at different times during a certain, much like a human would in sanding a piece of wood or using a file to clean a piece of metal,” Alex Miller, an ABB project manager, told Design News, in an email. 
“ABB force control technology makes robots more intelligent and able to handle process variations with real-time external inputs -- much like a human would when handling a delicate item or precise dimensions.”
This update allows provides the robots with the ability to react to their surroundings and change their programmed path or speed, and enables robots to mimic the motions of a human arm to find the correct position to assemble a part. “[The technology] enables the use of robotics in applications where they may not previously have been able to perform the required tasks,” Miller said. 



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