The 4th Industrial Revolution

posted January 30, 2015

Industry 4.0 or the 4th industrial revolution is upon us bringing essential digital changes to industry leading us towards a fully networked industrial future. The theme and high-tech strategy of industry 4.0 originated in Europe but has spread to all industrial areas of the world to promote the computerization and automation of the industrial sector. Essentially, the goal of industry 4.0 is to create “smart factories” or industrial units utilizing the Internet of Things to become more efficient and adapt processes to demand and an ever-changing economy.

Overall, this revolution or movement, if you will, utilizes advanced hardware and control technology as well as software and logistics systems to create an intelligent, self-organizing factory. To make this notion into a reality, ABB has recognized the revolution and has already equipped 50% of their technological products with software in order to make processes more transparent, automated and easier. This enables physical systems to improve productivity with automation parts and robotics that are able to make essential modifications. This aggressive movement of using automated and self-replenishing systems in not farfetched anymore and is now a reality.

Thus, to remain a key industrial player it is important to accept the 4th Industrial Revolution and utilize the Internet of Things and process automation products and robotics to ensure your processes are streamlined with optimized productivity. Key employees must be trained and big data must be obtained ensuring production algorithms are sound creating optimal processes and workflow.

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